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    Ok, so yo probabley guessed it, my phone is a paper weight right now and all I have is the SIM. I want to purchase an unlocked Nokia N91 from ebay but don't want to spend that much money to find out I have another paper weight. Heres my Situation and my question.

    Service Provider: Rogers

    I would like to go on ebay buy the N91 ( unlocked obviously ) and slap my sim in that phone turn it on and have it work instantly. Is this realistic?
    Will I have control over all the functions?
    Thats an american phone into a canadian service, Tri or Quad band network.

    Please help cell phone gods

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    Re: W810i went for a swim.... ? about new phone / old sim

    im not sure so dont rely on my thoughts but i think unlocked means that it is ready to be activated but u have to get it activated. i dont know but i am pretty sure thats what but dont go by me.

    my phone went for a swim and didnt work too bad after i put it on the tv and dried it up and charged it back up!

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