I posted this on the Chit Chat board and realize that it was probably the wrong board for my first post(so go easy on me

Not sure if this is the correct board, but appreciate some advice. Two questions really.
1. Going to the UK shortly and my LG phone will not work over there. Need to rent a phone, with as decent rates as possible and wonder if you could direct me to where I could get this done quickly.

2. A friend of mine has a motorola phone that she had in LA and recently moved to FL and simply wants to use this but wants to have a plan whereby she simply pays for what she needs. She went to Cingular and they told het that she needed a $300.00 deposit which is BS. Any suggestions for the cheapest plan which wouldn't also penalize her for not using her minutes within a certain time, or can she simply buy a cheap phone as she will only be using it for any given emergency and occassionally making local calls?

Appreciate your help...........

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