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    Re: Check reception, tower locations, dead spots

    This site is so useful. I love how you can check the reception ratings of the location your at by entering in the zip code. Also, finding the reception towers are easy too. Thanks to whoever thought of this. It should've been the carriers to provide this kind of information.

    See More: Check reception, tower locations, dead spots

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    Re: Check reception, tower locations, dead spots

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    Re: Check reception, tower locations, dead spots

    Just what I needed!! Thank you! AT&T is pretty bad in our place, losing reception all the time.
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    Re: Check reception, tower locations, dead spots

    This leaves me with several questions.

    When the cell technology first came into being they had ads on TV trying to recruit people to put towers on their property. Remember?? I was seriously under the impression that all providers can use all towers. That was the whole point... to create a grid of transceiver points to accommodate all comers.

    I went to the cellreception.com site and asked for zip=26101. My first beef is that when you ask that site for a coverage map, it just transports the surfer to the appropriate cell provider's web site for coverage maps. Both Verizon and AT&T claim great coverage along the main areas and roads of this city (Parkersburg, WV). Those maps show the strongest coverage around the downtown area, which comes as no surprise.

    Yet, when you ask cellreception.com to show you the tower locations map, you see Verizon showing about ten towers scattered throughout this small metropolitan area and its outlying areas. When you ask the same for AT&T you see only two towers and the closest one is SIX MILES from downtown !!!

    This just cannot be very meaningful then. I've used both Verizon and AT&T and they both have clear voice and data signals in town and around. If AT&T is constrained to the use of a tower six long miles away then there is no way in hell they could be delivering viable service here! Come on, this can't be real! Come on!

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    Re: Check reception, tower locations, dead spots

    Very helpful link! Thanks for sharing!
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    Re: Check reception, tower locations, dead spots

    That is a cool website to bookmark, but I don't usually have a problem finding a cell tower or with reception. It will be nice to have if I go out of state or something where I don't know how good the coverage areas are.

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    Re: Check reception, tower locations, dead spots

    Thanks for this link. I can use it to check the coverage for the new area I am moving to before I decide on a new carrier or if I the one I have is the best for the area

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    Re: Check reception, tower locations, dead spots

    Thanks for the tool.

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