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    What are the advantages of having either an external or an internal antenna in a cell phone? Doesn't external get a stronger signal? Internal antennas are more attractive and can't break-off. What other differences are there? Could a Walkie-Talkie cell phone be built without an external antenna? Thanks.

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    Re: External vs. Internal Antennas

    This has been well-covered in an old thread. Try doing a search next time.

    Which is better: Phones with Internal or External Antenna?

    Most people now agree that internal and external antennae are about the same. The extension on an external antenna doesn't necessarily improve your reception; it's designed to channel the radiation away from your head!

    I'm moving this thread out of New Member Help and closing it. If you would like to continue the discussion, please refer to the existing thread above and post there, thanks.

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