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    I am wondering if anyone would have an idea or suggestion on a problem I have. I only use a cell phone now and do not have access to a land line. I want to start processing credit cards for my business, but the terminals use a phone line to send the information to the company. I am trying to avoid the extra cost of wireless processing for a cell line that is only for the credit card terminal. Is there anything out there to plug a terminal into and have it dial out on my cell phone? I have seen some sort of box to make all your home phones into your cell but I am not sure if or how they work. Any ideas out there?


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    How do you get online? A lot of businesses are starting to transition to computerized processing through their DSL lines. I assume if you don't have a landline, you must have cable or satellite internet, why not use what you're already paying for to process credit cards? Just install a POS on your computer that supports your equipment, which more than likely has a serial or lan connection.

    I don't think it's such a good idea to use your cell phone for processing cards... but I'm sure it's possible if your phone is capable of being used as a modem.
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