Hey I'm planning on switching to T-Mobile in a few weeks and I need a quad band phone. If prices go down, then I can wait, but I probably need something by the end of September. I am looking at the following phones: Moto RAZR, Samsung t609, Moto PEBL, and the Samsung t809.

RAZR: The RAZR is my choice if I need something inexpensive, but I could get something more expensive than the RAZR. I love the design, but I hate the fact that I see one everytime I turn my head!

t609: It has a lot to offer, but the exterior is absolutely fugly! The interface reminds me somewhat of my Samsung A670, which is nice, but rather basic.

PEBL: I've been really looking at this phone! I love the design, and the colors. It has a long standby time, which I'd need because I'll be travelling internationallyl quite a bit.

t809: I've never had a slider phone before, but it seems a little cool. Although it has that Samsung interface I call the "Joke UI" with all the bells and whistles and rainbows. I have that interface on my A840 and it gives me a headache everytime I use it!

I don't know what to get. What do you recommend? Are any phones coming out in September?


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