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    Re: When Dinosaurs Roamed The Earth

    Quote Originally Posted by spum
    Yeah, it's weird to think that a movie as recent as Phonebooth is already outdated.
    And then that movie came out a little while ago, Cellular.

    It's funny in some movies, you'll see people using some cel phones, and they're way outdated. The movie Breakdown, with Kurt Russell, his celphone was that first big-a** Motorola, the gray plastic one, with the black antenna, where the phone was huge, and the flip part was tiny. From what I remember, people were snapping off that bottom flip part like crazy.

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    Re: When Dinosaurs Roamed The Earth

    Yeah, cell phones in movies will always be outdated because it takes a while for a movie to go from taping to release. Not to mention getting all the props BEFORE taping...

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