I'm looking for a phone (my verizon contract is about to run out) and a possibly a new carrier. I'm interested in a smartphone so that I may combine the features of my phone and pocket pc. However, not all features are important. Here is a list of features on my pocket pc that I use regularly and would require on my phone. Many of the features are listed but I would like to hear from user about whether they are easy to use and/or similar to a pocket PC set up.

-Calender (i use this a lot every day. Mainly I plan on my PC then sync with my Pocket PC)

-Reminder/Alarm clock (ideally it could do multiple a day)

-Tasks (simply a to-do list, conviently my pocket PC allows me to check them off as they are completed)

Calculator (fairly standard)

I don't care about bluetooth ability or camera

I know that some flip phones have things like calenders and such but their ability to enter text/info and view on the screen is limited and if it isn't convient I won't want to use it.

I also have a gmail account and would like the ability to view this. No need for corporate/POP email ability.

So far I have viewed the BlackBerry 7100, BlackBerry 7130, Cingular 2125, Treo 650. Ideally by not needing all the features of the top smartphones I can keep the size and cost down lower.


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