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    I've been reading a bunch of reviews and now I'm as confused as ever.

    I want to find a cheap but DURABLE cell phone for under $100 (me canadian, so in USD it would be under 90 or 80 dollars)
    I do not need a lot of features, for god sake, i don't even need a camera.

    HOWEVER, i do need a cell phone with STRONG STRONG signal reception strength (my last cell phone cost me $250+, came with a bunch of -useless- features, but had the crappiest reception ever. my friends' $80 phones would get 50% reception in a room, while I would get none)

    Your suggestion would be appreciated.

    ps: if a phone is UNLOCKED, that means u can insert any SIM card and use it with any providers (in my case, fido) right?

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    Re: Cheap Durable Cellphone

    I've heard good things about the Moto V360, only CD$30 with three year contract, worth checking out. If you want something a little more stylish, I recommend the PEBL at $100 with 3 years. The Moto L2 wouldn't be a bad option, either. I'll have to look a little more at the Fido phones and I'll let you know what I think looks good. Those two jump out at me because I know more about them.

    As for the unlocked, yes, insert your SIM card and you're set, but your phone won't have the internet or picture messaging, which Fido should be able to help you with that.

    If you'd like to compare phones, go to phonescoop.com and click phone finder. They also have quite a bit of reviews for the phones, too.
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    Re: Cheap Durable Cellphone

    Look into the Nokia 6010 or 6030. Great RF, great battery life. One of mine has gotten the crap beaten out of it and is still running strong. Very easy to unlock. You can get one from cingular.com for $30. Free if you use a rebate from dealking.com

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