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    hi guys... i have been dealing with this for a while. i have an 02 xda miniII (imate jam if you will). Everything works fine, except i can not hear a caller unless i use the speaker phone. i think the phone speaker itself is fine, but the problem may be the copper contacts that touch the speaker prongs...any ideas on how i can "re-coat" or re-paint or re-solder these contact metal points on the motherboard??? i am super comfortable taking this guy apart; i have examined the insides so many times now! i think it's the copper only becuase one of the two looks well worn off the board.

    any ideas? anyone out there delt with this as well???

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    Re: repairing the speaker on my phone...

    If you have a manufactures or carrier warranty its prob a good idea to contact them first because if you screw around with it they will not honor your warranty and believe me they will know you’ve messed with it.

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