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    I need some help choosing a cell phone that is under prepaid service.
    I've been looking at "Slider Sonic" from Virgin Mobile and "Angel" from Amp'd.
    They contain similar features and similar looks. The monthly charges will be about the same too. The Angel phone looks prettier but I wanna know which one would be more efficient and a smart choice. Does anybody know if the Angel phone has a camera with flash like Slider Sonic does? Which sounds better when downloading music? It'll be helpful if somebody could help me with that.

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    Re: Amp'd or Virgin Mobile

    The Angel does have a flash for the camera. Both are nice phones, but the Sonic has more internal memory, bluetooth and a megapixel camera. You can compare the two phones here: Compare Phones (Phone Scoop)
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    Re: Amp'd or Virgin Mobile

    Virgin. Works great for my daughter at school

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