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    I know that this is probably going to be the stupidest question on here, but recently there was a commercial for a phone and I can't remember which phone it was. This commercial was on all the time for a few days and now it can't be found anywhere...

    Anyway, the phone is small and almost square. The commercial has the phone (which is silver in the ad) in the same place on the rightish side of the screen with the background changing of the commercial changing throughout the ad (like, sometimes the phone is on a table, and sometimes it's on a wicker thing). The song is some hip-hop number by a woman and is a pretty sweet song, too...but I don't remember the words... (HA! stupid ADD.)

    Can anyone help??

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    Re: New Commercial - what was the phone??

    By the way your describing it as small and square, I'd say it was probably either a Nokia or a Sony Ericsson. Why not just visit each of the manufacturer sites - it's bound to be on their front page somewhere.

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