Hi, my current cell phone provider is cellcom, a local company in Green Bay. Im currently at school in Houghton, MI. Cellcom does have a tower here but it was struck by lightning and they arent really on the ball about fixing it. What happens right now is that when my phone is using that tower I cannot make or receive calls. My phone will connect to that tower but the tower is not connected to the rest of the world. The only way i can make a call is by finding an area where my phone will roam on Alltels network (sysid 244), or by putting my phone on analog. I want to make my phone use Alltels tower instead of cellcoms. Is there any way to do this? I changed the sysid and net id in my phone to match the alltel tower but my phone still goes to the cellcom tower that is broken first. The phone is a motorola v810. THanks for any help and sorry for the long post.

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