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    I have Verizon service with a Motorola RAZR V3C and the earpiece to go with it. I'm considering going with a PDA/cell phone but not sure what is the best. I have been reading for two weeks on these and I'm actually more confused than before.
    I need something that works as a contact manager, appointments with repeating alerts(for reoccuring appts), and notes. I would like to add a list manager to keep shopping lists such as ListPro. Also a program to keep my passwords and account information in it such as Ewallet. I don't really need a mp3 player as I will use my current pda for that. I would however like to be able to download (freely with no charge if possible)ringtones and wallpapers. So I don't think I'm asking for much on the pda end just something to keep me organized.
    As far as a phone I would like something bluetooth enabled for earbud and possibly voice dialing enabled. I usually attach my phone to my belt so I don't know if I would like one of the bigger pda/cell phones but maybe it would be okay. I don't think that I would ever use the wireless internet capabilities. Too pricey for me and no reason to use it any way.
    I just would like some recommendations from people who have these cell phone/pda's that would be capable of doing what I need or at least most of what I need.
    Thanks for all your time.

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    Re: Which PDA/Cellphone is right for my needs?

    I would check out the Treo 700p and PPC-6700. Compare the two here: Compare Phones (Phone Scoop)

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