The other day a lady called me to tell me she was receiving text messages from my number and she didn't like their content and to quit texting her and harassing her or she would report me. I thought it was a joke and told her where to go.

So then a couple of days later I sent one to a friend, he replied, but ANOTHER person called to tell me that they were also receiving my texts.

It was only sent to one person, and the outbox does show that they were to my friends. So how are other people receiving my messages?

I use Cingular and the recipient of one was Cricket/Revel and so was the other person that received it. I believe that in both cases this was the case.

I spoke with Cingular and Cricket, Cricket blames Cingular and Cingular has no idea. But all of the other people involved are Cricket. I called the first lady back and at that point they told me they had received others from another Cricket phone number.

Any idea how this is happening? Yes I'm sending them to one number, the right number. What can I do about my texts going to the wrong people? I'm upset by this as most of them are personal.

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