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    I just looove my cell (panasonic VS2), but i had it for a long time and now the cover is already scratched and stuff..

    Now i saw a housing on ebay for my cell but i'm wondering how placing a new housing works.. isn't it dangerous for your cell?

    I dont want to brake it because those cells arent available in my country anymore..

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    Re: How to: New housing for cell

    If your phone supports customizeable covers, you can usually find out how to do it by looking in the manual. If it dosn't say it is, don't worry it is - all phones are. They're just ackward to do and it involves opening up the phone, so companies just say they aren't compatible to keep from risks and accidents. Does that make sence?

    Anyway, be that the case, then you can usually find an online tutorial by searching. However be prepared to open up the phone.

    Alternatively, you could take it to a phone shop and have them do it. They'll probably charge you a tenner though - I was.

    Good luck.

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    Re: How to: New housing for cell

    be careful when buying the aftermarket housings as i have had alot of bad luck with them getting them to fit etc.... the old saying goes " you get what you pay for" VERY much so when buying housings.

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