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    This is the first time I've tried to do anything with my mobile apart from just calling or texting and I'm blindly confused. I'm hoping that someone can help. Here's the situation:

    I currently have a Motorola V180 through T-Mobile as well as a Siemens V65 Virgin UK Prepaid.

    1) Is it possible to take the Sim card out of the UK Virgin phone & put it in my Motorola phone for use in the UK? I tried it & it powered up & gave me the Virgin "Welcome to the USA! Your calls will cost a fortune!" message. I also sent a text message to a friends phone with no issues. I just would like to know the definitive answer before getting all the way over to the UK.

    2) I'm also thinking about upgrading phones through T-Mobile (Razr?) when I return and might want to turn my old Motorola V180 into a T-Mobile Prepaid for my GF. Is that as easy as buying a new T-Mobile Prepaid Sim card & putting it in the Motorola? Is that something that I should be able to get through a T-Mobile store or do I need to get it from an eBay seller or something.

    Thanks in advance for any help or advice....

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    Re: Swapping Sim's? UK and US phones....

    As long as the phone you buy is "Unlocked" from its original carrier, you can use your pre paid or plan sim in the phone on any network.

    If your interested in buying a Razr, I have them for sale. If interested in any other phone msg me back.

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    Re: Swapping Sim's? UK and US phones....

    Ask T-Mobile to unlock your V180 (which they will if you've had it for at least 90 days which I'm sure you do) and put in the Virgin SIM card and enjoy your trip. It'll work.

    As for when you get your RAZR, you can either pay full price for it and have them unlock it then and there OR use it locked for another 90 days and ask them for an unlock code afterwards. Your girlfriend can call up T-Mobile To Go and say that she was given your old phone and want just a new SIM card and they should send it to her.

    If there are any problems, let me know.

    Good luck.
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