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    Re: Cell Phone Tracking & GPS

    I'm guessing everyone is aware of the various cell phone spy software packages out there that allows any combination of the following:
    1) Operates in stealth mode, phone being tracked is unaware
    2) Can intercept text messages
    3) Can record conversations on a remote server
    4) Can review call logs
    5) Can track physical location via GPS
    6) Can notify in real time when target phone sends or receives a text or call
    7) Can query the phone via internet or bluetooth connections

    My question is, does anyone know of a counter-spy method? Does there exist (or under development) a software package or other method that allows someone to detect that they are being spyed upon via their cell phone?

    My internet research has not revealed any iron-clad method. One site suggested that you may see your phone display lighting up for no obvious reason; you didn't push a button, you aren't receiving a text or call. If you have internet connection time logging, you may notice there is more connect time than you can personally vouch for. Both of these instances are related to the assumption that the spy software/methods rely on the communication with the target phone via it's internet connection.

    I don't know this but I am assuming that you could do some sort of (reverse) tapping through your service provider but this would probably require legal measures and service fees. In this particular instance I don't think the spying has criminal intent but is more along the lines of hacking (which I suppose could be construed as criminal in a pure definition).

    Anybody have any useful input? Thanks in advance.

    See More: Cell Phone Tracking & GPS

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    Re: Cell Phone Tracking & GPS

    Although I don't specifically approve to this, I don't disapprove either. This technology might actually come in handy one day especially for parents' peace of mind knowing they can find their kid anytime in case they get lost. Although it will offend me, if I find out that my partner secretly spies on me I wouldn't be bothered at all because I'm not doing anything wrong to begin with. Anyway, bottom line is it is a pretty useful technology to be disregarded.

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    Re: Cell Phone Tracking & GPS

    is there a free software to spy incoming/outgoing sms from somebody (ex. my wife's phone)?

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    Re: Cell Phone Tracking & GPS

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    Re: Cell Phone Tracking & GPS

    I think that this is possible through a simple java application. but it need a mobile with at least A-GPS.

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    Re: Cell Phone Tracking & GPS

    There are several reasons why you might want to track a cell phone. You may want to keep track of your kids for their own safety. You may want to track your phone if it should be stolen, using cell phone GPS tracking. Or you may have some nefarious reason for tracking someone using his or her phone.
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    Re: Cell Phone Tracking & GPS

    Why not trust people more,much more ,they are our relatives

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    Re: Cell Phone Tracking & GPS

    this sure will help

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    Re: Cell Phone Tracking & GPS

    Cell Phone Carrier responds by the GPS information in the phones themselves, the GPS chips used in mobile phones to track people in all types of situations, GPS tracking in the future, especially GPS technology in mobile phones.

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    Re: Cell Phone Tracking & GPS

    This is invasion of privacy.
    Well, maybe not for a cheating husband/wife.
    But, even teenagers need their space. You can't be tracking every second of their lives and see where they are at, at all times.
    Would you want to pay a fee just to find out your husband/wife is cheating on you? Maybe, but where has the trust gone? I guess the trust is nonexistent, that is why your husband/wife is cheating.

    Well, it seems like a great feature to track your "loved" ones, but privacy should be kept private.

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