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    Cheating husband/wife? Paranoid about your kids? This is definitely a hot topic for those individuals looking to see where their family members are going. New services are starting to emerge such as WORLD-TRACKER.COM in the UK and AccuTracking in the US.

    Technology currently available to track cell phones takes advantage of GPS features built into them. Triangulation is another method used to determine where the user of a cell phone is by calculating distances between three cell phone towers.

    Unfortunately finding the location of cell phone users comes with privacy issues attached. Since a cell phone is carried on your belt, this, in affect, makes it you own little tracking device.

    An article written in 2002 on the issue is quite interesting: Cell phone tracking raises privacy issues | CNET News.com It talks about the Enhanced 911 (E-911) system being launched and how this could be an invasion of ones privacy. Since just about every major call center in the nation now uses this technology, it can be concluded that it was executed without a panic.

    So, do you want to track your cheating husband? Just pay the fee


    See More: Cell Phone Tracking & GPS
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    Re: Cell Phone Tracking

    Sprint has had something just like this for a while for around $10/month, they market it toward being able to locate your kids at all times. They can even send you text alerts if the person you're tracking isn't in a designated area when they are supposed to be, lol.

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    Re: Cell Phone Tracking

    I don't know about you guys, but I don't need my cell phone provider babysitting my kids. They need to work on eliminating dropped calls and whatever other problems they have first.
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    Re: Cell Phone Tracking

    wow, very intereting. there's service for everything.

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    Re: Cell Phone Tracking

    another pedophile/pervert tool

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    Re: Cell Phone Tracking

    the problem is most cell phone don't have GPS function, only some Motorola and some other got it, and only 2 carriers supported, pretty much useless

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    Re: Cell Phone Tracking

    Notice how all the cell phone carriers that require gps capable phones position it as a convince and a benefit! "never get lost" "always know where your kids are"

    and sadly the mass public buys that and doesn't really care that in the mean time their privacy has just been flushed down the toilet.

    I work for t-mobile and when new folks come and ask if we have GPS always reply by saying "No...we leave you alone, we don't track your trace you" Which is only true to a certain extent...Every call is tagged with a general location but nothing like GPS coordinates.

    Here's another really big privacy concern about cell phones:
    them being used a bugs...

    here's a video about it: YouTube - Is Your Cell Phone Bugged?

    this is not the only place i've heard about this, just the quickest thing I could find.

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    Re: Cell Phone Tracking & GPS

    not to be all negative about tracking systems in cell phones but these could turn into big brother watching our every move. is anyone else worried about the government using this type of technology to track the avg citizen? I know a lot of people say if you not doing anything wrong than you have anything to worry about.
    but i worry about partisan politics, extremist government for example if we get a government in office who leans to far to the right or the left and uses its power to silence critics. things that right now happen in other countries but they could come home to us and these systems can be used to track people.

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    Re: Cell Phone Tracking & GPS

    This is real interesting. It had become a cruel world to live in for paranoid people. Wikipedia has a little more info on the subject. Cell phone tracking - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Im glad I dont have built-in gps myself

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    Re: Cell Phone Tracking & GPS

    I thought any GSM phone could be tracked.

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