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    I want to get my mom a cell phone but after looking at the available local phones, the text appears so small on the screens. She will never be able to read it. We already checked the font sizes and even the largest is not large enough.

    Does anyone here have any cell phone recommendations for a vision impaired person?



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    Re: Vision impaired phones.

    Check out the Just5 Easyphone. This is what my mom is using and she finds this phone really perfect for her needs. This has big buttons and voice confirm. This also has bright and large display. More so, this is equipped with PERS features to enhance the safety of the phone user. Your mom will surely benefit a lot from this phone. Let me add, too, that this provider offers very affordable rates. My mom only spends $3.33 a month when she gets the cheapest minute plan. You can check for more details here: Cell Phones for Seniors and Elderly with Big Buttons by Just5

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    Re: Vision impaired phones.

    you might want to check the LG KF300, it has large font size as well as large and clear keys

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