Hello All, new here, hope this is the best place to post this?


Got a Innostream its fully email internet enabled, have no problems accessing the internet.

The problem is, i could upto a month or so ago send email and connect through the internet to my 02 email account.
It would check for emails either way, now after over two years, it has suddenly stopped.

I have called o2 who have said that they don't support Pay As You Go, which i said thats funny, you might not support it but my mobile has been sending and receiving for years.

I got told that they can switch of and on the facility for a mobile to receive email by a technician 2 years ago at o2, of which the customer service operator was not agreeing to.

My settings on my mobile are correct, according to the settings i received over two years ago, and on the o2 website.

Any ideas as to how i can receive emails again except by agreeing to a contract?

Thanks, GEP

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