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    First off, great forum!

    Personally, I think cell phone companies will do anything they can to rip off the public, but unfortunately cell phones are a necessary evil in today's society - it's good to see people helping out others to avoid pitfalls and get the most bang for their buck...

    That being said, here's my problem...

    I'm looking for a company that sells prepaid SIM cards. My fiancee lives in Los Angeles, and I'm in Toronto - but I don't want to pay for a monthly cell phone plan (Rogers already screwed me good). I'm merely looking for a prepaid card so she can get a hold of me when she needs to and I can call her back on a landline.

    I have a Motorola V300 that has been unlocked so any card should work fine - the problem I'm having is that I can't find any companies here in Canada that sell them! The one company I used to use, I think it was called simPro, got bought out by Fido a couple months ago. The card I bought was like $100 for 1000 mins I believe.

    I'm looking for something similar. Any help is appreciated. Thanks so much!

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    Re: Any prepaid SIM cards in Canada?

    I think fido has a good prepaid, with the option of getting unlimited incoming calls for an extra $1 per day. Telus is another good option if you didnt want to go with rogers.

    But rogers bought out fido, just so you know.

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