I feel that people are able to monitor my cell phone conversations or getting my numbers called. I reported an intern at work for putting a hard drive bomb on our network and now having problems. His father is in the private investigation industry so they have the tools to mess with me.

When I suspected I had a problem I changed phones including carrier. Unfortunately number could not be kept private. I have been told that by knowing the carrier and the number some equipment can pick up digital conversations within 100 feet. I am also reading about equipment that captures ESN/MIN. Since that is key to cloning a phone I would think it would be more important than number and carrier. Or maybe ESN/MIN reveals these details, I don't know.

Thinking someone could walk past me while I am on my phone or when it is turned on in my pocket and capture my ESN/MIN. Then take it back to this other equipment and monitor my whereabouts and listen to my phone calls while capturing my numbers dialed and incoming. Is this scenario plausible? Or can someone tell me other ways they can capture my info and know when(and where) I am on the phone?

Thanks for your help!

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