If your phone doesn't turn on, or even powers on for half a second and then keeps going through a power cycle by itself, your phone has a corrupt flash.

This CAN be fixed though. You must take the phone and put it into bootloader mode. It varies on each phone how you do it, but holding * and # and then power is the most common way. If your phone wont even power on, then it may take some time to get it to turn on. Took me 3 days once. I did find that by plugging it into the USB port while attempting bootloader helped later on speed that process up.

Now your phone is on in flash interface. You should plug it in and your phone should be attached as a Neptune Flash Interface (or whatever type of phone yours is).

You will then need to use a moster flash to recover it. A monster flash is a flash that includes both a flash file and a flex. These are fairly common. I have no links but there are some on my fserv in the irc channel in my sig.

Make sure you find an unlocked one. I don't know all of the possible locked/unlocked ones, so that's up to you.

Some people have managed to flash their phone and flex it seperatly using the flash interface and the se....f9.shx flex, but I haven't had any luck with that.

Flash using MultiFlashFlex.exe included with PST, and your good to go.

Unless I missed something, I probably wont help you recover your phone. This DOES work, I've tested it several times with several phones using several flashes to mess them up.

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