Ok, so you've decided you hate the preloaded ringtones. But you have no idea how to delete them so you blindly went in and deleted them. Now you can't access your loud details.

Before I go and tell you what a ◊◊◊◊ing moron you were for blindly deleting crap on your phone, I'll explain to you what you did wrong. You deleted ringtones that were in use. For example, "loud" was using continental, but you deleted it, so it has no idea what to do but kick you to the main menu. Next time, make SURE you go through EACH detail and set them all to silent before you delete all the garbage you don't want.

Now, how to fix it. There's two ways. One is by PST, you go into PST and change all the detais to silent or 0. I can't remember exactly, but if I remember right, you go to "new" and make a new "Feature file." Read it from the phone then change everything to 0 in the details. Reupload that to your phone and it should work.

The second way is to reflex. This isn't the most popular option, but it's the easiest and usually gaurantees success. Reflex, then delete the ringtones like I explained how above.

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