Okay, here's my deal:

Been with Verizon for years now and had an ancient kyocera that had no features, no camera, no nothing but was bullet-proof as far as making and receiving calls and decent battery life when it was new! Finally had to say good-bye about 6 months ago and bought a Razr cause it looked so stylin'. Liked the camera, liked the thin-ness, liked the reception....hated the battery life, hated the perfectly flat buttons! I'd try to push just the menu button and I would end up placing a call to japan, taking a picture and erasing the address book...LOL! Guess I'm too fat-fingered for that thing. Then, my sister-in-law says she has this new kick butt samsung SCH-A990 that a rep gave her (she works for verizon) and says I can have it! So, I switch over to that about 5 weeks ago or so. The only good thing about it is a semi-decent camera. Still nothing compared to a real digital camera but good, I guess, for a cell phone. Problem is, it SUCKS big-time as a cell phone!!! Loses signal EVERYWHERE! Battery life bites! Overall: P.O.S.!!!!!
So, need help deciding what to try next.
Here's what I want:
-camera but nothing fancy (low-end is just fine)
-I want KICK-ASS reception and signal strength!!!
After all, that's the frickin' point isn't it?
-decent battery life
Don't need mp3, don't need address crap, don't want video, don't care about games or ring tones or any of that stuff. Just need a frickin' phone that WORKS! Is anyone making one of those anymore?
Please help!
Thanks in advance!

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