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    Merry Christmas everyone!

    Just got back with a lot of great presents and some money, and I'd like to spend it on a new cell phone. I have Verizon Wireless and don't get a new replacement phone until next november (right now I have an AWFUL phone)

    So, I've got $200-$300 to spend on this and like I said, I already have a paid plan; so what cell phones can I look at that will do the following:

    1. Preferably keep my number (I dont have a SIM card in my current phone - but I dont care about keeping my contacts)
    2. Connect to a computer to put MIDI ringtones on
    3. Text messaging
    4. Camera (not required)
    5. Speakerphone
    6. Comes with charger

    So what are some phones I could look at getting? I don't need anything really fancy since itll just stay in my pocket anyways - just want a nice flip phone or something like that (and like I said, I would love it if it could connect to the pc, so I could use some of my own MIDI ringtones) Would be cool if it could play MP3s as ringtones

    Really, just to be able to talk on the phone and to text on the phone (and have the sound quality for talking be pretty nice)

    Playing actual songs isnt important to me (I already have an iPod), I just want to be able to have relatively cool ringtones that can sounds like a simplified version of a real song (instead of JUST regular ringtones). Like I said, I'd like it to be able to get ringtones from a PC, and photography isn't THAT important (but camera phones are cool)

    If the camera will make the phone a lot more expensive, though, then I definitely don't need it.

    Also, will I have to bring it to the Verizon store to get it activated? Please include this in the final cost

    Could I buy this:

    eBay: BRAND NEW GREY VERIZON MOTOROLA v3c RAZR CAMERA PHONE (item 220063596270 end time Dec-29-06 13:15:00 PST)

    And have Verizon activate it for me?

    From what I've heard though, razrs are cool and all but dont have the best functionality (lagging, etc)

    Also looking at getting this:
    eBay: LG VX8300 VERIZON 8300 CELL PHONE NEW FAST SHIPPING (item 110069479324 end time Dec-26-06 14:49:14 PST)

    with this:

    eBay: USB Data Cable + Super CD for LG VX8300 VX5300 (item 190065637615 end time Dec-25-06 10:54:16 PST)


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    Re: Looking to Buy New Cell Phone!

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