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    There's a new girl at work. She emphasized that she didn't have anything to do after work on Saturday the 23rd, the last time we worked together, and I took it that she wanted me to initiate something. So later on, I asked her if she had found something to do, and asked if I could meet up with her afterwork. So she asked for my number and then I got hers once she called me right there on the spot. Once I got home, I called her after deliberation, but her phone rang and subsequently went to voicemail. She has not called back, nor do I get the impression she is still working at the store, perhaps she was just Christmas help.

    I decided as a last ditch effort to call her last night, after almost a week of not hearing from her. I figured I didn't have anything to lose. Well the call went straight to voice mail.

    A couple of strange things have happened though in the last 4 days. I have gotten a call from an unavailable number every day, none of which I was able to answer. On Wednesday and Thursday they were just after 6:30pm, pretty close in time. On Friday, it was at 10:30ish in the morning. And today (Saturday) it was just after noon.

    Ordinarily one would consider it a telemarketer, but I've never received a call from one on my cell, and I seldom give this number away. Also, aren't telemarketers forbidden from calling somebody on the weekend, let alone on a holiday weekend?

    The odds are, however, that I am anxiously awaiting the call of a solicitor, but I am still somewhat optimistic that it is actually the girl trying to get in touch with me. I called her cell today around noonish, just after the 4th unavailable call and once again got the voicemail immediately, this time I left a message. Is it possible that her phone is possibly out of service and thus that is why it goes straight to voicemail, or does that only mean she has it turned off, which is kind of strange that she's had it turned off for such a period of time (last night-today)? Also, will she receive my voice message if her phone is out of service or if her minutes are up? We live in different area codes, so perhaps that is why her number comes in unavailable, maybe that term is used to encompass calls listed as "out of area" on my LG phone.

    Another strange thing that I have noticed as well, is that whenever I dial her number it erases the previous call entry within my dialed call log, why would it do this? Following the completion of her voice mail, it gave me the option to page her, does this mean she has a pager?

    I hope I don't strike you guys as obsessive and I admit I don't really know this girl that well, but based on my limited interactions with her at work, I had found her to be courteous and exquisite and thus I established an affinity towards her. You could tell within seconds of meeting someone if they are the one. I am willing to move on, but I seek closure. It bothers me to think that perhaps things aren't dead between us and that she is in fact trying to reach me, or has already given up on that. Therefore, I don't want to begin searching for another girl, until this thing is resolved. She is 19 by the way and attractive. Any feedback would be appreciated..thanks.

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    Re: hot girl and cell phone questions

    Feedback: Get a life!
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    Re: hot girl and cell phone questions

    hahahaha.... shame on you camstuff .... ya gotta chase your dreams marbles... but if you're 29 she's too young for you

    (on the technical side... I have no answers.... sorry!)

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    Re: hot girl and cell phone questions

    On most cell phones, if you hear two rings and than voice mail, it means the phone is turned off or she is out of the area. If you hear four rings, that means the phone is on and she will know who is calling her. Even if she is away from her phone, when she comes back to her phone, she will know someone called her. If you left a voicemail, she will receive it.

    Considering the nickname you use here and the way you were typing, it sounds to me that you are also a girl too going after another girl.

    Well, maybe she not really into the lesbian stuff or if she is bisexual, maybe she is more into guys than girls.

    I will say move on and forget about her.

    As for the phone calls you are receiving, she might be playing games on you or she gave it to someone else to crank call you.

    Who knows, she may have toss your number away and someone else have your number now.

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    Re: hot girl and cell phone questions

    Well thanks for the feedback everybody, but in all honesty, none of it was the least bit helpful. No, I do not have a life and I hate myself for obssessing over such things, but I can't help the way I feel. It's not as if I intend on having no social life, I am earnestly trying to get something started.

    I am not a lesbian, nor am I 29 - 22 year old Guy.

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    Re: hot girl and cell phone questions

    I say call her back again...use *67 every once in awhile so she doesnt see its you. These days you could even hit her up on Facebook or Myspace if you know her name or friends.

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