I have a motorola phone with service from Vodafone. It is a pre-paid phone where i buy minutes at my local store.

I have had the phone for 3 months or so and yesterday my phone was in my backpack at work while I was at lunch and when I came back to work and checked it for missed calls/etc. the settings were all set back to factory settings (German language/flower wallpaper/etc.) I have suspicions that someone in my office may have been playing a joke or being nosy but not sure if they would be smart enough to go through all the steps to do a master reset....plus, they would have to know the code (1234 default code)--I don't know if they would be that smart??? My question is...does anyone know of these phones resetting themselves like that or should I persue with finding out if someone in my office did this? My main concern is that someone was going through my personal bag and snooping through my things. BUT if the phone possibly did it on it's own then I will let it go....what do you think?

PLEASE help! I am really mad about this and am hoping the phone reset itself for some strange reason.

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