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    I will be getting a new cell phone in February 2007 once I get within a certain # of days (90, I think) of my contract expiration date. We have Alltel service and it is the absolute best for coverage where we live so we do not want to change. I would like to buy a cell phone docking station and cell phone signal booster antenna for the house. I want to plug the docking station into a phone jack in my house, come home from work, put my cell phone in the docking station, and then be able to answer the cell phone using any regular phone from any room of my house. We do not have a land-line phone service, and we never have in this house, but we did have a phone jack installed in every room of the house. Also, our cell phone service is pretty good as long as I am on the 2nd floor of my house. If I go downstairs the cell phone signal decreases drastically. So, I am thinking of getting a cell phone signal booster antenna to connect to the docking station.

    Do any of you have any recommendations or concerns about any of the prodcuts that do what I want? I am looking to buy a new cell phone, a docking station, regular "land-line" phones for every room of my house, and a signal booster antenna. What products should I buy? It appears the PhoneLabs company has a docking station and signal booster antenna but are they any good? Do they work? Are they the only products available? What regular land-line phones should I buy? We have only had cell service since March of 2000 so we do not have any regular land line phones. Should I go "corded" or "cordless" with the regualr phones? What cell phone should I buy that will work with the cell phone docking station & signal booster antenna? And, I like the idea of buyiong a phone that I can replace the SIM card as I desire, so if I go on a trip to Germany I can buy the SIM card for Germany, swap cards, and not have to buy a new phone for the time I am in Germany. Thanks for answering my questions and helping to decide what I should buy.

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    Re: Docking Station and Signal Booster Antenna

    Signal boosters have to operate either on the North American frequencies (850, 1900 MHz) or the European Frequencies (900, 1800MHz). The one I have in my boat is pretty good, but the company makes a Europe one too I think which would be good for you in Germany.

    This is the North American one:

    PowerMax™ DA4000 Direct Connect Cellular Signal Amplifier Cell Phone Booster - Digital Antenna

    I got one on my boat, and I can go 30-40 miles offshore and get signal.

    Should be able to do an apartment, maybe. =)

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    Docking Station

    Docking stations in general are an interesting conundrum. They tend to be rather large and quite heavy, and more annoyingly, proprietary to a specific make or even model of laptop.

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