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    The Innostream A11 is a GSM flip phone which works with Cingular, T-Mobile, and any other carriers which is GSM. All you need to do is put in your sim card and it starts working.

    The A11 flip phone has a light up outer bezel. Other features include an internal antenna, Java, dual color display, and speakerphone.

    The A11 offers a 1.3 digital mega pixel as well as a short video clip.

    The A11 has an mp3 player which holds 128 megabytes.

    The A11 offers a flashlight, picture id, ringer id, custom graphics, and ringtones.

    PROS: For an mp3 player it holds about 20 mp3 songs and the sound quality is magnificent. If you're a woman, this is a great phone for you because it has a monthly calendar for women's period. The phone can have moving gifs. or jpg. on the screen.

    CONS: There is no Bluetooth and the phone will turn off if you flip down the phone to hard. There is two batteries for the phone, but the battery life on the phone doesnít last that long. Connectivity with the phone is terrible. There is no expandable memory. The phone is supposed to come with a USB cable and you can use it to transfer files between the phone and the computer. When you first plug the phone in to the cable, it asks you if you want it to act as a USB mass storage device. Saying yes allows you to drag and drop files onto the phone. It comes in really handy but itís painfully slow. The phone beeps sometimes when you call somebody or when somebody calls you and you answer the phone you hear a buzzing noise

    Overall I rate the phone a 3/5 because the games on the phone are decent and it comes with two batteries, a headset to listen to your mp3 player, and a desktop charger

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