Hi, I am new, although not new to cell phone use. First off, I am under contract from Telus mobility and live in Ontario Canada. i took out a 3 year deal on a new Samsung A670 flip phone about 18 months ago. I have recently decided to cancel my HOME phone as it just is not really necessary, however, my Samsung A670 ( i find ) is not the most reliable unit at times which has me re-thinking the issue. Yes, it works ok, but it often loses connectivity in my loft apt. , it also acts up showing " no service " in places where other services I have had work. I am not far enough into my contract to get a promo upgrade for a reasonable cost, therefore, I am simply looking at payng the piper at Best Buy for another phone but before I spend more money, is there a phone within the Telus line of useable phones that any one could recommend highly. I am not a big fan of features, i just want a phone that I can transmit and recieve exceptionally well, or better than the others for a reasonable price. i really don't want to just go out to Best Buy and trust some sales udes advice, buy it, and simply find it is equal, or not as good as what I am already using. HEEEEEEELLLLLLLLPPPPPPPPPP

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