Hey guys...im not really big into phones but i have a dillema. As it started I had a Virgin mobile pay as you go and so my mother thought it would be cheaper to just get a service... We chose US cellular because my sister had that and it was all good. So i got my phone and i had asked to switch the Virgin number to my new phone at US cellular. It took a day or so but finally got done. With my new phone i could send txt messages to everyone but i could only recieve them from my dad(who also got a us cellular plan with me) but NOBODY else. I asked them what was up and they the guy at the store tried it with his phone and i got it. I thought maybe it was finally fixed. But it wasnt. It was not until recently when i go t anew phone, a Moto SLVR when my old one broke, I told the lady at the store abotu how i couldnt recieve txts on the old phone and she told me to test the new phone. And so i did. Still NOTHING from anyone but my dad and us cellular people at the store. Lame. I went there again today and she called around and i showed her that my sisters new phone from cingular would send me a txt, but i wouldnt recieve it. So she called around and she said that i would have to call all the service providers of the people i wanted to recieve txts from and make sure the problem was at there end. Are they serious? I dont feel up to hasseling with all of that. Any suggestions?

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