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    Been surfing around here and feel like I could learn a lot here. I hope someone can give me some direction on a question.

    Three of the four phones in my house are due to be upgraded next month. I have gone to my local verizon places, as well as visited online. Basically, I feel like they are really going to rip me good to get a newer phone. So, I started shopping around. We want to stay with Verizon.

    I found two places online with nice deals on phones: wirefly and letstalk. Both have very sweet deals. Here are my questions:

    1. Are these sites good sites? That is, are they reputable?

    2. Are they selling new phones or refurbished phones?

    3. It looks like I can simply buy the phone I want -- and get them to put my number on it -- is that correct?

    4. Is there a better way to get a cool phone with verizon that isn't going to cost me $200?

    I'm a bit pissed that an established customer can't get in on the cool phones and package deals. I even emailed verizon and asked them to haggle with me on a couple of new phones in exchange for me staying with them as my carrier. I carefully slipped in the name of the other carrieer I was considering -- verizon said no haggle, no adjustments to the prices.

    Thanks in advance for your suggestions.


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