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    I'm looking for a phone for pretty much any provider, however I want to find a phone with a lot of functionality.
    These are the features I want in the phone:
    Camera (1.3 or greater) (pics, video not necessary but would be nice)
    MP3 player
    Video Playback (must be able to play large and long vid files)
    Play most files types (MP3, WMV, AVI, etc. not just .3gp or MP4)
    Expandable Memory
    Fairly large screen
    Fairly good amount of onboard memory
    Must be able to store text messages on phone's memory, not SIM card
    2.5mm headphone jack (necessity)
    Some apps (maybe word or equivalent)
    Battery usage time must be adequate, standby time of 2 days or more

    However, I do not wish to have a purchase a data plan or something like that for the phone. So any phone that requires that wouldn't work for me. I don't think there are any phones out there like this right now besides the EnV and the previous version of it but if there are any phone that are built like that (cover main screen and full keyboard) if you could just mention what they are it wouldbe appreciated even if they don't fit the aforementioned specifics. Thanks a lot.

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    Re: Cell Phone Suggestion?

    Quote Originally Posted by comics10
    I'm looking for a phone for pretty much any provider, however I want to find a phone with a lot of functionality.
    Motorola's Razr is probably the best fit.

    You say you don't want a phone that requires a data plan. You certainly don't need a data plan with a Razr but you also won't be able to do much in the data arena without carrier support for data.

    Otherwise as far as I can see, the Razr is probably the best fit ... particularly considering your desire for a nice sized screen. Outside of a PDA phone, the Razr probably has the largest screen on the market today.

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    Re: Cell Phone Suggestion?

    I would kind of like a PDA phone with a full keyboard. But without the annoying data plan. Also, something I forgot to mention is that I need to be able to play music on the phone while performing other tasks.

    I have been looking at the Motorola Q. You guys have any opinions on that?

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    Re: Cell Phone Suggestion?

    Try some the selections on the link below

    Phone Finder Results (Phone Scoop)

    One phone you might also want to consider that's not on the list is the HTC 8525 carried by Cingular. I currently use it and it does its job well. I also browse the web via 3G and Wi-Fi. Since you're not looking for a data plan, you might want to consider something that can connect via Wi-Fi. Also, one thing to take into account is that there are different Operating Systems to look at. Nokia's line of smartphones, the N and E series, are the S60s that operate on Symbian technology. Sony Ericsson uses Symbian UIQ. Then there's Windows Mobile. Being able to play music won't be an issue with a PDA phone because they use their generic media player. It'll probably be better if you can physically try them out before you make a purchase. Most service provider stores might have functional demos phone to play around with.

    There's another thing that I'd like to point out. Even though the phones that are carried by service providers. You have more options outside of what they offer, mainly in the GSM field (Cingular/ATT, T-Mobile, SunCom). If you're looking at an unlocked phone, it's best to get one that supports 850/1900MHz because those are the native cellular bands in the US. If you're with T-Mobile, you can get away with just 1900 because that is what T-Mobile primarily uses. However, 850MHz can penetrate buildings better, and that's the main band that Cingular/ATT uses. Great thing about unlocked GSM phones is that you can use them just about anywhere in Europe and Asia just in case you think about travelling. Just pop out your SIM card and insert another SIM from the region you're going to. Unlocked PDA phones that you might want to look into is the Motorola Ming A1200 or the ROKR E6. For Nokias, check out its N and E Series. Sony Ericsson, the P Series or the M600i/W850i. Samsung, there is the BlackJack. Also check out what HTC or iMate has to offer, etc etc.

    You can refine your search by using the phone finder on sites like Phonescoop or GSMArena.

    Just to make things alot more easier on yourself, research on the service providers in your area and what best fits your needs. Then after you pick one, you can go from there and see the selections that the service provider has to offer.
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    Re: Cell Phone Suggestion?

    I would look into a pda phone like the treo or Blackjack...

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