Google Phone Rumours Confirmed

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A Google exec has confirmed that the search engine giant is working on a mobile phone project, but the company has refused to divulge any further details. Isabel Aguilera, head of Google Spain and Portugal was quoted in the Spanish-news service, Noticias as saying that some Google engineers were using some of their allocated "blue sky" research time as working on a Google mobile phone. The comments do seem to suggest however, that the research is a low priority and that any product which may exist is a long way from commercialization.

Google HQ in the USA issued a short statement on matter: "Mobile is an important area for Google and we remain focused on creating applications and establishing and growing partnerships with industry leaders to develop innovative services for users worldwide. However, we have nothing further to announce."

There have been repeated rumours over the past few months that Google was either working on a mobile OS, or a whole mobile handset. The rumours were given extra strength following comments from Google CEO, Eric Schmidt who suggested that mobile phones could be offered for free if subsidized by advertising services. Google earns the bulk of its income from advertising (cellular-news uses Google advertising services).

Earlier this month the venture capitalist, Simeon Simeonov wrote on his blog that Google was working on a phone project, citing an "inside source close to the company" which would be built by Samsung and be not dissimilar to the Blackberry handset. Google already bundles its applications within some Samsung handsets.

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