Hello all. I've been really indecisive and would like some help. My Cingular contract expires tomorrow and I was considering going to Sprint for the Fusic. I really like it's features but I have never been impressed by Sprint service and really don't like how much the phone resembles an iPod embedded into a phone and it's rather "Fisher-Price" appearance. I would like the SYNC and continue to stay at Cingular, but I am concerned at what I read about the slow camera functions and blurry pictures. I really like to take more candid pictures of friends and such and this seems like it might be difficult. I've read it takes about 5 seconds to start and a steady hand to control the heavy phone. The Fusic loads quicker but the quality isn't as good, but from the pictures on PhoneScoop.com, it looks like it takes pictures in portrait layout. The music function is extra to me, so it's not really important how good the quality is, though I do wonder how good the FM transmitter is on the Fusic, I hear only about a foot from the antennae. I almost got a Sony Ericsson w300i but was rather unimpressed with it's small buttons and difficult menus.

Can someone shed some light on these two phones?

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