Regarding the purchase of a wireless prepaid cell phone - I am concerned about some security issues and I hope that forum members can help me.

If someone purchases the phone (let's say from Walmart) with cash, he would have to activate the phone in order to use it. I assume that he would have to provide his e-mail address and other contact information.

I have the following security questions:

Is it possible that he could purchase the phone using anonymous / false contact information?

It is possible that calls made and recieved from that phone could never be traced back to him (the purchaser of the cell phone)?

Finally, can the specific (pinpoint) geographic area where the caller or purchaser of the phone be traced back to him when he calls out or recieves calls from a specific (pinpoint) location?

I am asking these questions because I am receiving threatening calls from someone and I am trying to find out the name and contact information for that person. I believe that the person is using a wireless prepaid phone!!!


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