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    Hey all, first time here and was wondering what is the best slider out there for a good price. I have my eyes on a Motorola Rizr, but wondering what other options. Sound quality, picture quality, ease of use are the pluses...not very interested in internet and stuff. Love using the calendar for appointments, that too is a plus. I loved my old school Nokia 8890 which was the best. Had good results with a Samsung (can't remember the model but it was imported from Asia), but screen would black out.

    Currently on Cingular.

    Thanks for your opinions.

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    Re: Best slider phone for the price...

    I really like the Samsung SGH-T809 anyway. It has a striking design and a great selection of high-end features, including Bluetooth, a megapixel camera, world phone support, a TransFlash slot, a speakerphone, and an MP3 player

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    Re: Best slider phone for the price...

    i have the d807 (cingular offers this phone) it has very clear screen and very big 2.2'' (i think)
    i really like mine alot and it works good for me but for pretty much the same price on eBay
    DEFINATELY get the rizr
    it has so many features for its price and i think looks alot better than my samsung d807
    *also it is quite time consuming typing on the keyboard (or whatever) because of the keys being together; you dont always hit the button you are aiming for and if you hit one button multiple times it doesnt always correspond on the display with the number of times you hit it
    the d807 i think is terrible for texting or jotting down many notes
    although i never use it for that so it is fine for me

    RIZR hands down

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