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    Do unlocked phones work just as good as locked phones from their carriers? Example would be an unlocked Rizr vs a t-mobile rizr.....same sound quality, etc?

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    Re: Unlocked phones and services

    Quote Originally Posted by MobilePrincess
    Yes they do. Whether or not the phone is unlocked makes no difference to how it will sound. You will need to configure the phones settings though in order to use all of the phones features such as MMS, and TMobiles Tzones.
    T-Mobile Wireless Data Configurator
    Would that also work for the RIZR, but on the Cingular/ATT network? That is what I am planning to do.

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    Re: Unlocked phones and services

    I cant see why not. Unlocked phones are the best for sure

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    Re: Unlocked phones and services

    A lot of unlocked phones don't have as many features as the phones which are locked to their carrier, that's why a lot of websites only guarantee a voice call.

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