This week, Motorola and Kodak announced their intention to work together on the next big multimedia camera phone that will house a 5 mega pixel camera. This will be made possible using Kodak’s ground breaking CMOS sensor technology in the phone.

We have now seen almost everything possible be bundled up with a cell phone from the iPod and cell phone bundle in the much anticipated iPhone, to the current highest mega pixel camera phone bundle by Nokia in the N80 and N95. We have also seen iTunes bundle with Motorola phones in the RAZR and ROKR.

Which of these bundles actually serve their primary purpose of making a good phone call as well as they serve the primary purpose of the added bundle?

The Blackberry Pearl and the Blackberry 8800 are prime examples of good bundles that do not get buggy. Can Motorola follow through or are these bundles just a waste; and a phone should just be a phone and a camera a camera and email left for computers?

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