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    Ok, my friend has a great phone that he lost and had it replaced thru his insurance. Later he found the original phone. I offered to buy his old one if it was ever found. Well, a couple of months later he found the old one. Now, he is a little worried about selling it to me. I am wondering if he or I could get into trouble if I was to buy it from him? Would this constitute something illegal or does he have the right to sell an old phone that was replaced? It's a nice Treo that I would never be able to afford brand new. But I want to make sure this kind of sale isn't illegal or what ever. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanx a bunch.

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    Re: lost and found and gifting

    I'm pretty sure it's fraud.

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    Re: lost and found and gifting

    what kind of treo? 600?650?750?
    what carrier? if its a gsm phone, just pop in your sim, if its a cdma phone, just tell him to return it to insurance, theres no point for him to keep it.

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