So, after trying to put my Tracfone sim into a V3 I found that it booted up and even displayed my Tracfone number but then didn't find the network. It was a friend's phone so I didn't want to change the IMEI and possibly mess up his service (I do have a tool to change the IMEI). So I'm looking around on ebay trying to get a good deal on a V3 of my own and am just wondering if anyone has tried changing the IMEI of a V3 or any other phone to the IMEI of their tracfone phone and getting the Tracfone service to work on a non Tracfone handset?

We did some research and found that it seems that the IMEI checking is the only security that Tracfone uses to make sure that only their handsets are used with the service. And going by this, changing the IMEI of the V3 to that of my Tracfone handset should work in making the Tracfone service work with the V3. I know that I wouldn't get the time updates and that stuff, but I can just put the SIM in my Tracfone handset to check up on that. I'm wondering if my theory is correct, or if Tracfone uses something else besides making sure you have the "right" IMEI to keep non Tracfone handsets off the network? And if anyone has tried my idea?

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