I am getting a new cell phone plan that gives me unlimited texting and minutes so I am in the need of a new phone to take advantage of this.

My current phone isn'ty horrible, just wanting something cool that would be nice to showoff. I currently have a Nokia 6061.

I am looking for a phone with these simple specifications:

- under 250$ WITHOUT A PLAN
- kinda of wanting something that provides good texting (since I am hoping to use it a good bit)

ok my provider is Suncom and I currently have a Nokia 6061, but I have a new plan which gives my unlimited texting and talking so I want to take advantage of this.

I am looking for preferable a good texting phone maybe with a qwerty keyboard, but the main thing is, it needs to work with suncom service because I am getting a phone without a plan and I am just gonna take out the sim card and put it in the new phone.

thanks I would GREATLY appreciate this if anyone could help.


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