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    Hello everyone! Our company has decided to move away from Nextel and switch to a Cincinnati Bell program. We have been offered the choice of either the RazR, Motorola V235 or Nokia 6085. I personally have a RazR and like it very much. Is there anything that I should know before I make a decision on which phone to get for business. The only thing that I dislike (that I know of) with the RazR in comparison to the Nextel is the Contacts. Nextel allows me to enter multiple phone numbers for one contact. RazR makes me enter a different contact for each number. Are the Motorola and Nokia the same? I have hundreds of contacts in the Nextel and that is a big part of my job. Thanks in advance. Bob

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    Re: Personal Thoughts on Razr, Motorola V235 & Nokia 6085

    Not sure if this is a little to late to answer, but I personally am a fan of Nokia so that is what I would go with

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