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    I'm looking for a new phone. I have Cingular service and I'm looking for a good phone that I can unlock and use my SIM card in. I had a Pink SLVR and loved it but it went swimming and is no more I've been looking at the LG Strawberry but don't know if it would work with my SIM card. Plus I don't know how good of a phone it is (don't know anybody with one) I would love a pink phone but would deal with it if I can't find one. I've also have a RAZR and don't want another one. Thanks for your help!

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    Re: Best phone?

    no im sry.... the lg strawberry will not work with cingular b/c it is a cdma phone for verizon and cingular doesnt work on cdma it is a gsm carrier

    and although it might be too similar to the razr for u i would suggest for u the pink krzr
    -awesome 2mp camera
    -altogether good specs
    -minisd slot for more storage

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