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    okay, so i'm a guy at 16 and have NO IDEA what some cell phone stuff is. pathetic.

    what's mobile to mobile calling, and why can you get it for free? what does it allow you to do?

    what's verizon's IN calling?

    what plan would best suit my needs:

    I don't need very many minutes a month, but I want unlimited texting, nights, and weekends.

    by plan i mean carrier.

    are there any carriers with those options for less than 60 bucks?

    anything else you can tell me to help me make a choice?

    one last question: what if I can't find a phone i want on the website i want to get my phone/plan from? can i go to the local verizon store or cingular store and pick up a phone, then use it with a different carrier?

    thanks if you reply, no thanks if you don't, unless you don't know. not to be harsh.

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    Re: i need help badly, please

    mobile to mobile means you get free mins talking to people using the same provider as you....say verizon to verizon or at&t to at&t

    most providers give a couple hundreds text message for 4.99 and like a thousand for 8.99 and for unlimited i think its somewhere like 12-14

    I am not sure about the exact pricing of the service providers......but there are a lot of unlocked phone or FREE-to-use phone that works with any service provider, so just get those if you don't like any phone that the phone company sells

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