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    I have a video that I want to create an MMS message with to send to my friends. The video is over 30 seconds so my mms will not send the message. I have an xv6700 Verizon phone (by the way). I have recieved numerous MMS messages over 30 secounds so I don't understand why I cannot send one. I want to know how people make all these message and send them. I have searched for 3 hours for a desktop MMS creator with no avail. If someone knows how to create messages to send over my phone please let me know. Thanks for your help. I know this a repeat post from another part of this forum but no one has replied.

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    Re: Help with MMS

    I think maybe there are some ways to minish your video size. Also there are some softwares which can help you to do this. you will convert it

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