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    What is the best phone to HEAR on? I know that it depends on your calling area , your carrier, and many things but I am looking for one that actually has good Volume and crisp tones. I have the Motorola V557 right now but I have owned many different cell phones and I am looking for one that will pick up the greatest distance and still have good volume and that I can actually turn the earpiece volume up and adjust it to hear well. Sounds confusing I know but I have been through some phones. I did like the Kyocera that I had at one time and it had an antenna that pulled up. I have never had good luck with Nokias and especially those that have the internal antenna. So what are some of the best choices to start with on the market now for what I am looking for in a phone.
    Is there actually a good phone that picks up the farthest distance and that the volume is adjustable to and so forth. Thanks for any insight. I have read a lot of the reviews but they don't really address the issues that I am looking for in a phone.
    Thanks again

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    Re: Best Cell Phone to HEAR!

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    Re: Best Cell Phone to HEAR!

    I am afraid that the best thing that I found you had bad luck with. Nokias have always been reliable, ease to adjust the earpiece volume and ease for me to use. Reception was always good and the device reliable.

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