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    My dad wants a simple flip cell phone with semi-large buttons (he has large fingers) and a decient camera? He is quite technology stupid, so I strongly emphasize the word Simple. Can anyone suggest me one other then the Samsung Jitterbug?

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    Re: Phone For My Dad

    Hmm the iphone 4gb might be a good choice? its simple to use it got big button(in the touch screen), and since its updating its spec, they just have price drop for 4gb and it just costs 299 now

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    Re: Phone For My Dad

    The Just5 cell phone sounds good for your Dad as this is very easy to use and is equipped with simple but practical features. It has roomier buttons for easy dialing even for people with large fingers. It doesn’t have a built-in camera but it does have a built-in emergency response system, which is just right for your dad to further secure his safety anytime and at any given moment. It isn’t also a flip cell phone, rather it comes in candybar style but it remains chic and pleasing to the eye.
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